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EMT Insulation Material in Molding Machines

Since 1966, EM Technology has been committed to research and development of insulation materials. 56 years cultivation in the industry, a huge scientific research system has been formed, more than 30 kinds of new insulation materials have been developed, serving the electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, automobiles, construction, new energy and other industries. Among them, application of insulation material in molding machines is also one of the key directions that we are focusing on.

    The molding industry demands high-performances on all, such as: high energy-saving, stability of product quality, high cost-effective, good heat insulation, excellent flatness, wear resistance, pressure resistance and so on. Molding machines used in injection molding, molding, blow molding, and hot flow systems are subjected to various thermal, chemical and mechanical stresses for long time. In order to protect the machines themselves and secure the production activities, applying insulation sheets in molding machines is very important.


The thermal insulation materials provided by EM Technology can avoid mechanical wear, reduce the preheating cycle time, and ensure the uniform heat distribution in mold cavity to improve the performance of the machines. EM Technology’s thermal insulation materials have excellent thermal insulation, low coefficient of thermal expansion, non-delamination, good mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability, and can satisfy all the thermal insulation requirements requested by engineers, that’s why we are winning the customers’ thumb-ups and expanding the market share rapidly.

    Representative products: D370, 3240, special sheets etc.

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Post time: Jul-29-2022

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