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Introduction of Inspection Center

The Inspection Center is a professional comprehensive laboratory dedicating to Chinese insulation industry. It is equipped with powerful technology, high research capability as well as well-equipped facilities. These specialized labs, focusing on electrical properties, mechanical properties, physical properties, thermal properties, instrumental analysis and physic-chemical analysis, could apply tests on insulation materials, insulation parts and other related materials.

Quality Policy:

Professional, Focused, Justice, Efficient

Service Tenet:

Objective, Scientific, Justice, Security

Quality Target:

A. Error rate of acceptance testing shall not be more than 2%;

B. Rate of delayed test reports shall not be more than 1%;

C. Customer complaints handling rate shall be 100%.

Overall Target:

Continuously improving management system of the Inspection Center to pass recognition, surveillance audit and re-evaluation of CNAS; Continuously improving service quality to achieve 100% customer satisfaction; Continuously broadening test capabilities and extending test range from insulation industry to the field of renewable energy, fine chemicals and etc.

Introduction of Test Instruments

1 (1)

Name: Digital universal testing machine.

Test Items: Tensile strength,compression strength, flexural strength , shear strength and etc.

Features: The maximum force is 200kN.

1 (2)

Name: Electrical bridge.

Test Items: Relative permittivity and dielectric dissipation factor.

Features: Adopt contact process and noncontact method to perform normal and hot tests.

1 (3)

Name: High-voltage breakdown tester.

Test Items: Breakdown voltage,dielectric strength and voltage resistance.

Features: The maximum voltage can reach 200kV.

1 (4)

Name: Vapor Transmissivity tester.

Test Item: Vapor Transmissivity.

Features: Perform tests at the same time on three sample containers by adopting electrolytic process.

1 (5)

Name: Megohm meter.

Test Items: Insulation resistance, surface resistivity and volume resistivity.


1 (6)

Name: Vision measuring instrument.

Test Items: Appearance, size and shrinkage ratio.


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