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A New Soft Straight Technology

   A new soft straight technology and its application in the insulation material

Since 1966, EM Technology has been committed to research and development of insulation materials. 56 years cultivation in the industry, a huge scientific research system has been formed, more than 30 kinds of new insulation materials have been developed, serving the electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, automobiles, construction, new energy and other industries. Among them, application柔直电1 of insulation material in molding machines is also one of the key directions that we are focusing on.

As a new generation of DC transmission technology, flexible DC transmission is similar to HVDC transmission in structure, which is still composed of converter stations and DC transmission lines. Different from the current source converter type HVDC transmission based on phase-controlled commutation technology, the converter in flexible DC transmission is voltage source converter (VSC), which is characterized by the use of switchable devices (usually IGBT) and high-frequency modulation technology. In recent years, flexible DC transmission is developing towards higher voltage grade and capacity.柔直电2

Application status of IGBT: IGBT is full of insulated gate bipolar tube, which can be turned off, has the advantages of small loss and easy control, and can be regarded as the CPU of soft direct transmission. At present, IGBT applied to the project are all imported products, mainly ABB and Siemens, while domestic IGBT with high voltage and high capacity has no mature products. At present, localization progress is slow, import dependence is strong, and the risk is relatively large. At the same time, the cost of IGBT accounts for about 30% of the valve cost.

Feasibility of new IGCT: In view of the low feasibility of IGBT in China, we try to replace IGBT with IGCT. The switching frequency, driving power and other performance of traditional IGCT are inferior to IGBT, but it has certain advantages in capacity, on-state loss, switching loss and cost (the price of products with the same capacity is about 1/2 of IGBT). However, if the traditional IGCT is applied to UHV flexible power transmission, once the IGCT is turned on, the diode will generate a large reverse recovery current, which will have a great impact on the system. Therefore, in order to protect the diode, we investigated the new ICCT by adding additional absorption circuits on the traditional IGCT module to reduce the impact on the system.

New IGCT Applications: With the addition of additional absorption circuits, our new IGCT design is more compact and has higher impact resistance and high reliability, so we can manufacture insulation materials with higher insulation reliability and mechanical strength. Xd Power System Co., Ltd. is pre-researching the insulation materials for IGCT absorption circuit for Yunnan Maitrei project. If the design is based on XD Power system scheme, the number of IGCT modules will be reduced by about 3% compared with IGBT, and the total amount of insulation materials will be 2-3 times that of IGBT.

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Post time: Nov-18-2022

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