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EMT Insulation material in Rail industry

Since 1966, EM Technology has been committed to research and development of insulation materials. 56 years cultivation in the industry, a huge scientific research system has been formed, more than 30 kinds of new insulation materials have been developed, serving the electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, automobiles, construction, new energy and other industries. Among them, application of insulation material in molding machines is also one of the key directions that we are focusing on.

The EMT material has been successfully used in CRH(China rail way High-speed)system by supplying to different sections of railway system in variety customers such as ABB, BNP, which are vehicle body (floor), traction system (traction transformer, traction motor, traction converter), electrical equipment (DC switchgear, connector/contactor/relay

Vehicle body 

Floor The body floor structure is generally composed of three parts: floor support (metal structure), floor (composite material) and floor cloth (rubber/PVC, etc.). Our phenolic laminate and foam materials are used to form multilayer composite plates for the floor

Traction system-traction transformer

EPGC308/GPO3/EPGC203/D338/Pultrusion/UPGM205/EPGC203/EPGC22/24 have been applied in Dry and oil transformer, At present, it is mainly installed on CRH2, CRH6F, CRH6A  and others

Traction motor

Rigid sheet, slots, mica tape, insulating tapes and NKN lamination paper have been applied to AC traction motor for urban rail, subway and light tramway.


The converter consists of auxiliary power box and auxiliary rectifier box, our main products are GPO3/UPGM205/EPGC308/UPGM206/SMC/molded parts

Electrical equipment

Various DC switch cabinets: mainly used for the processing parts of various insulating plates for the support of cabinet structures

Contactor and connector

These products are mainly used in power connectors, arc extinguishing chambers and circuit breakers;

Use our SMC/BMC to mold various products

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Post time: Oct-28-2022

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