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EMT Insulation material in Speed reduction motor industry

Since 1966, EM Technology has been committed to research and development of insulation materials. 56 years cultivation in the industry, a huge scientific research system has been formed, more than 30 kinds of new insulation materials have been developed, serving the electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, automobiles, construction, new energy and other industries. Among them, application of insulation material in molding machines is also one of the key directions that we are focusing on.  

The reducer, is a power transmission mechanism that uses the speed converter of the gear to reduce the rotation number of the motor to the desired rotation number and obtain a larger torque.

The reducer is mainly aimed at the motor. The reducer plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine. The vast majority of working machines have large load and low speed, so they are not suitable for direct driving with prime mover. They need to use reducer to reduce speed and increase torque. Therefore, the vast majority of working machines need to be equipped with reducer.

Insulation Paper-The slot full rate of the reduction motor is relatively high, and the requirements for insulating paper are also relatively high. Previously,  motor manufacturers mainly used N paper series: T418 NHN NMN, also most motor manufacturers use Class F DMD,  It is mainly used for slot insulation and phase insulation.

PET Tape-High efficiency and energy-saving motors are used on the reducer, that is, above IE3 level, the slot full rate is high, and the slot flanging capacity

It is easy to crack. One layer (or two layers) of PET adhesive tape can be pasted on both sides of the insulating paper to increase the strength of the insulating paper, so as to ensure the product qualification rate.

PI Tape-The detection method before the installation of the stator of the reducer motor is: measure the voltage in a single item (generally, the motor is measured in three items in parallel). It is inevitable that there is no insulating paper between each three items, which will result in the failure of the voltage. If PI tape is used to cover all items, this problem can be avoided.

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Post time: Oct-28-2022

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