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We offer electric insulation film to EV power battery with following applications

-Battery pack cladding
-Battery inter-module cladding
-Gaskets on battery cell


Features of Insulation Film

-Polypropylene Film
* High Dielectric Breakdown Strength
*UL94 listed
*RTI 120 ℃, maintains splendid physical & mechanical properties
*Repeated foldable to fabricate into varied shapes

-Polycarbonate Film
*Non-brominated, non-chlorinated, meeting with RoHS, TCO, Blue Angel and WEEE 2006 directives
*UL94 listed
*RTI 130 ℃, maintains excellent heat stability and the same mechanical properties of PC resin.
*Durability for bending, high impact strength, high heat resistance

-Polyester Film
*Halogen-free, RoHS, REACH compliance
*Conventional electric insulation material with good mechanical properties
*UL94 listed

Post time: Apr-06-2022

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